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PVT FC Louis Amorose

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Louis was in the Air Force (1960 - 1964) and his rank was E-3 (Private First Class). During his tour of duty he was stationed in Texas, Vermont, Maryland and Florida. Louis was deployed during the Vietnam Era. He served in "ADC" remote sites stateside. Louis was also accomodated during the Cuban Crisis. While Louis was in the Air Force he attended a junior college, where he had to travel 60 miles roundtrip to go to class. He then went on to receive his Accounting Degree and Industrial Managment Degree at The University of Mami. He also attened Virginia University and received his MBA Degree. During Louis' deployment and schooling he was married to his "high school sweetheart," Rose, and they are still happily married to this day.  Louis now has a retail business and his real estate licence. A wish that Louis has is to go back to Sicily, Italy where his family is from.





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